Loiter Suspiciously

Did I even post yesterday?  Such is the power of 2016 – I have zero recall of any day before today and zero belief in any day following today.   This means I really, really, totally, have to post today.  Even if I don’t want to.  I don’t want to have any habits impinging upon me right now.  I am just uncomfortable and unhappy and politically horrified and frustrated and while I am venting I know I am not getting a single piece of quality writing out of the moaning and yet, here we are.

I no longer have a mechanism to control the liquid snot that is pouring out of my nose at will.

I’ve taken another dose of medicine, which seems to be doing something.  Mostly making me tired despite being non-drowsy.  Not really doing anything about the faucet nose.   I was dead as a doornail sick yesterday, sore throat, achey, exhausted, left the np job early and tried to rest to no avail.   Then my other boss emailed to see if I could come in a half an hour earlier than expected just to deal with some projects we wanted done today.  I said yes, I didn’t say anything about being sick, feeling guilty for having called out and left early so many times this past week (at least two).

Frankly, as of 6:00a.m. this morning, I was entirely unsure as to how it would be physically possible for me to keep this promise.  Somehow, I did get up, and I did get my arse in gear to be ready to do marketing for the shop at 9:30a.m.  All the while, mumbling and muttering through about how dead I felt.  I persevered until an hour before the day was done, the boss offered to come in to let me go home and I took her up on it, supplied with new medicine (that no longer applies to my symptoms, and have been here, trying to deal and rest and what have you until now…somehow after I put the laundry detergent back on the dryer and went back in my room and shut the door, it ended up cracked and spilt on the carpet.  So that’s a big fucking disaster when you already can’t breathe.

…more words tomorrow, just done

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