I don’t steal the air I breathe


Eegah’s on the TV, Arch Hall, Jr. is about to save the day.

I am somewhat calmer after making the possibly regrettable choice to tell an old coworker that I thought it was pretty crazy to think that anybody could vote for Donald Trump.  I may have said that I thought he was one of the most putrescent, vile, inept bastards ever to breathe air.  Or something along those lines.  The debate just brought out the worst in me, made my face all red, made me enraged.  I do feel almost sleepy now after all of that now that I said something rather than bottled it up yet again.

It won’t be a good thing, even if this has been a factor that has made my friendship with this woman essentially only a tacit one.  She’s said some pretty frustratingly “Fox News” sorts of things over the years (read: overtly racist) and I have always felt ashamed of how I handled that.  I felt like I knew that we can’t go sit in a Mexican-owned restaurant, get served by kind and generous people, and make cracks about lazy Mexicans.   Not only is that shit unacceptable at any time or place, but we were social ambassadors.  We were employed to have deep connections with community members of all types and I heard some asinine things over the years.  I never found a way to call it out.

So, now, even though she kindly cheers me and thinks I’m a smart girl (unlike the rest of my useless generation) and likes every post I put up and wants me to do well, I decided tonight was the night.  If she doesn’t know who to vote for, I’d at least give her the benefit of my revulsion at her indecision.

I may have been inspired by this which made me think of Le Tigre and the Distillers and zines and my first brush with feminism:

Yes.  Not a great choice, not likely to change her mind at all.  But if one person just says, wait, you’re fuzzy on this?  Why?  Maybe that will have some tiny ripple effect.

Ah, I am naive about these things.  And you did not emerge out of the shadows to distract me, so I have some overgrown caveman throwing idiots into the swimming pool to do your part.  That and Civ V.  All to keep me distracted about the fact that I’m hungry, my hair feels too thin, and I don’t know if I’m ever going to get a new job.

Sigh.  Life can really kick a girl when she’s down. I think it will be time for some rum in a bit.

Today, we did the zoo.  That could probably merit its own post, but going as an adult is more about a long walk with incidental animals to stare at than a full-blown event.  I did see a tapir blast a kid back with stream of urine that could probably be used to power wash graffiti off buildings.

So, honestly, how can I complain?

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