Muscat Sally


So the news of the night was the opening ceremony of The Olympics.  I cried a bit, because why wouldn’t you cry at one of humanity’s greatest feats of emotional, social, architectural, logistical…much less athletic achievement in existence?  Everyone is a part of the Olympics, everyone gets to compete.  Everyone in the world, even the refugees are not left behind, are not without a banner to fly and compete for.  There was bombast, but it did feel very tempered and different to opening ceremonies I’ve seen before.  Perhaps due to the climate change aspect, the green aspect, the sort of chill music.  The samba music somehow sounded muted and calmer than it ought, but that’s just me.

There was, of course, the Parade of Nations which is one of the things that makes the Olympics so damn remarkable.  There are places you forget about when you’ve got the whole of the U.S. orbiting around you taking up all the sound and space.  There’s so much happening in our world, so many visions and experiences and cultures building vision and experience.

And yes, I saw the Tongan flagbearer.  The whole world sat up and took note of that guy. All oiled up and dressed in the clothes of his people, grinning away like a giddy young man who has just realized he’s at the Olympics in front of quadrillions of people and probably not realizing fully that many of them are grinning back.  No, he probably realized exactly that and was somehow not at all intimidated by the moment.

In other worlds, work was uneventful, even, fine, lovely.  I have broken a seal and bought one more thing.  A navy blue dress overlaid with navy blue lace that I tried on and is 40% off and made me look as good as I am wont to look of late.   There are many other things that I’d like to touch, but no. There will be no more buying of things until all the winter/fall stock is in and thankfully, there is a rule that things have to be out on the floor for three weeks before I can buy them at a store discount.  This will require me to be a bit thoughtful again and not not just foam at the mouth over everything that looks fuzzy and cuddly and well-tailored and rust-colored.

One more day of busy, time-absorbing activities and then I am asking for just a little bit of time to myself.  Just a little bit of time to do this thing I want to do – a thing I need a morning for.  And an afternoon.  I can’t just cram it in when I’ve been on my feet for eight hours.

Other thoughts:  I need to buy more fruit.  Bottle in the freezer, please!

My half-sister’s daughter’s birthday was yesterday.  She turned 16. There is something wrong about that, but mostly everything right as she’s a good girl with an artistic spirit and is much loved by all of us.  Like so many people,  wish I knew her better than I do, but I know that she and her brother are level-headed and good-natured and that’s a great deal more than we can expect of most kids these days.

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