Quiet in the Crypts


1521 words of a short story outline. Working on being more concise.

Work: not sure on how working 4 hours a day 5 days a week is going to mess with my head. Doing my best not to let it. I can’t focus. Other things continue to be bad news for Bonzo.  Have a couple copywriting resources from my cousin to look over…I don’t know if that’s even 1% a direction I should or would go towards, but I want to learn.

Writing:  Good! Exciting! Happening! Endings are rough! I am trusting in my ability to edit back to life whatever is historically inaccurate or rhetorically inert at the moment.

Life: parents in Florida, texting pictures of themselves next to their fancy rental Mustang convertible.

Diet: Just barely under, and really gave a fairly weak-ass effort on the exercise bit today.  Probably comes from not sleeping as I should last night.  Going to try and zonk out early this evening.

Love: I am totally in love with whatever version of you is the socially constructed, virtually available, completely superficial, blatantly obfuscated version that’s kept under glass so it cannot be aged by my breath, smudged by my oil, molded under my crushing grip.

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