Hard Livin’ in Bitch City


Just give me a day.  Just let me have this.  Don’t…just don’t.

This isn’t Grumpytown.  This is out and out Bitch City.  Population me.  Lady Mayor: me.  Fucking sanitation crew: me.  And none of us are all that goddamned pleased to be here.

There is no reason in particular, but we’ve written up the charter and this is where us and the fish live.

Anger is a sign that you’re meant to pay attention.  I am trying to pay attention.  I am just…it has to be food.  Everything is accounted for and tracked as best I could – I even tweeted the pizza place to try and get today’s neapolitan pizza.  To no avail, apparently.  So best guesses were made and I have a little wiggle room, and I ate less because of it and I don’t get to just eat until this goes mute so I…just want to scream and hit things and spin around until I crack my head on something and they have to screw my jaws shut and then I want to scream so hard I pull the wires apart like some kind of maniac.  Like I want to break out of a straitjacket and roam the streets howling and kicking soft things in their faces. This is rough when you have to, for propriety’s sake in an attached condominium, basically never raise your voice above a whisper and it’s maybe 30 degrees outside.

I hate…I don’t hate…I am reasonably unnerved that I have 900 tabs open to search for how many calories are in things and I can’t be sure so if I fucked up, I can’t know, I can only suspect.  So I am sitting here suspecting myself of a failure that can’t exist because there is nothing being attempted here except trying to live and…I am just so annoyed right now.  I think it’s because I keep believing things I’m told and they aren’t…It’s fine.  I know this will pass.  It’s birthday blow over energy and I’m lonely and it happens and fuck everybody who looks at me and doesn’t get the fact I have this roaring maelstrom inside my soul, fuck ’em with rusty cutlery and salmonella-infected whiffle bats.


There’s a guy on OKC who asked about whether or not I’d seen  Sudden Manhattan.  This is, up there on my list of favorite movies.  It has Adrienne Shelly in it, my favorite actress.  I have not responded.  He is old.  I don’t want any of him or this.  This is not what I should do, but it is what I have done.

I’m supposed to have a story done.  I’m supposed to work on the novel.  Everything feels creepy and overwrought and full of effort.   If there’s anything I hate more than everything, it’s seeing the work.  If you’re good enough, you don’t see the struggle.   More bullshit that is dancing in sparkling high heels on my head.

I keep trying and things just flake off.  I can’t make a thing root and live.   This whole life is a dust bowl.

+ 129 words elsewhere.  Just as shitty.

2 thoughts on “Hard Livin’ in Bitch City”

  1. Remember not to be so hard on yourself- you are only human- your body needs calories and your mind will sometimes have writers block- for days, for weeks even. Hell i am 24 and changing my career mind- going back to school for an undergrad degree when i already had one. I drink wine on no wine night, i skip the gym; again. We are only our best I think when we realize we are human :)

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