On the Dot


A late start.  I feel as though I just fell through the week like Alice through the looking glass and here it is, Friday night.

We bought a shit-ton of carpet.  Or my sister mostly did and I contributed.  We need it, but I worry that it’s a lot of money.  But I said that about the heater and the water tank when those went out (at the same time) and it turned out that life is better.  It’s more symbolic than anything, it’s a life upgrade and it’s deciding that you’re worth walking on nice clean, unmucked carpets. But, if those cats start their horrible ways…can’t buy new carpet and then completely cover it with throw rugs and tarpaulin. ot if your aim is a life upgrade, anyway.

Okay.  So this means that the whole place must be measured for this carpet and this is going to happen tomorrow.  And tomorrow I have to go to the hair place where I was thinking I should try and be more assertive and say I want my hair brown (but my reason is pretty flimsy: if we were to go to ComicCon and if I were to wear my Bee costume for that, it would ideally be brown.  But I have no idea if we’re going to get to go over there or not.  Life is a bit insane at the moment, I feel, in terms of just trying to plan your own bullshit much less trying to add in any sort of outside entertainment.  So that would be an expensive dye job for that.  And I’m completely unconvinced I don’t want to get the hair straightened and empinkened again and brought back to life after it’s become this awful thing.  Not awful, just wayward.  Askew.

Whatever I decide, it’s bound, unfortunately, to be expensive.  And right now, I really should be thinking about using this regular expense (it’s getting rather regular and I might have to stave the next one off) to, I don’t know, fund a 401k or something.  There’s frivolous from time to time for fun, and then there’s just going along with what’s happening when the hairstylist runs off and reschedules you and suddenly you feel like you’re chained to this process for life.  Well, yeah, that’s not exactly it.

At the same time, every time I go I feel like it’s a life upgrade.  I get a little bit more interested in being around other people and since tomorrow will also be this gala my boss and I are working in trade for some of their people to help with ours, I might as well be gussied, as they say, the fuck up.  It’s also meaning that I’m doing a driving/uber combo situation, pressing on my edges of what’s comfortable.  I’m fixating on it. It’s going to be a messy, unpleasant, struggle, but this is what life is about.

I know there’s correspondence owed.  I plan to work on some of that tomorrow into Sunday.

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