Black Cat Magick


I think there’s a Black Cat somewhere around.  I’ve called one of these posts something, but I have been thinking about that dear, dear friend of mine out there in the frozen North and it’s reminded me of something I wanted to do for her and it’s put me into something of a particular mood and so today’s post is titled what it needs to be.

I will have a 20/10 as Unfuck Your Habitat suggests once some of the painting is done outside my door.  I’ve had to turn off the music for a minute.  The Tune-Yards are pretty dang distracting when you want to get something done.

So, today was good.  Ended up sort of teaching me a good lesson, or maybe you’ll disagree.  Maybe it’s a bad lesson if I don’t take it for its face value alone.  So obviously things at the new job are tight.  Tiiiiiight.  We are squeezing the blood out of each and every penny.  And there was a bit of money coming our way and the boss, I anticipated, was going to pick it up but she had to take her daughter to the doctor and I apparently, just me myself and I, was the only one who could go down into the city and pick up this check.  And now, only my sister really knows how phobic, essentially, I am about driving in comparison to say, most anybody.  This was at three:30p.m.
I mean, this wasn’t something I could really resolve in ten minutes.  Inching around my house is trial enough at the moment and working on a single route until it doesn’t petrify me has been my current method of dealing.  This was enough to throw a girl into a panic even if she wasn’t already prone to them all on her own.  But, this is important, and this is, essentially, my job.  So I just quickly added the Uber app, googled the promo code and got myself a ride.  If this were Italy, this would be exactly what you or I would do.  But for me, when I’m in my home environs, the idea of cabs or now the ride-share concept is pretty new and pretty weird.  Except, it wasn’t.  It was fast and easy and I felt like, hell yes, it would be better for me to just be able to do this stuff by driving myself.  But I did solve the problem, I did get the big check back and deposited in time and I did make the boss happy.  And then, the copier machine repair guy called back after so much morning frustration trying to clear some crap out of it I couldn’t clear and I felt like I wasn’t a giant waste of space.

So all of this has me more motivated, and I’ve done laundry and it’ll be a 20/10 in a minute here and then a bath and some reading, something.

I have a good ol’ engine of a heart.  I’m puttering forward, screaming and lashing and muttering and not the way anyone would choreograph it, but I’m getting from here to there.


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