The Kitsune’s Wedding


Start a new DragonRealms game
The longer I can stay away, the better.
Play Cities: Skylines
Keep playing Dragon Age: Inquisition
Work on my obnoxiously long and unnecessary fanfiction

Catch up with Game of Thrones (the show…there’s little chance of being caught up by the time season 5 rolls out, though)
Read more of For Richer or Poorer
Reading is the best, most wonderful activity I’ve ever experienced.  It’s like exercise, every time I do it, I feel better, righter, more aligned with the universe and who I am supposed to be.  And Victoria Coren Mitchell is a wonderful writer who talks about precisely what I need her to talk about: synchronicity, nostalgia, luck.
Start watching Vikings
Watch/re-watch any and all Outsidexbox videos 
One is probably enough given the quantity I have consumed of late.
Clean my room
Buy book the therapist suggested
Yes.  Bought.  Reading it.  Trying to make myself willing to take its advice. Avoided buying a nearly twenty dollar book of writing prompts just because I could.  I think I have enough to do to finish what I’ve already attempted to begin.
Write a poem
Watch something odd on the Create channel
Some Bob Ross imitator is downright giddy about his bland peony paintings.

Do 1000 loads of laundry
Make playlists on YouTube/ITunes
Write a proper note to my friends who have written me
Take another dose of amoxicillin
Done.  I am already starting to sicken of applesauce, however.

Catch up on Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge
Well, I’ve at least started season 3 of Mr. Selfridge, mainly for the LeTowler.  The show, thus far, not so excellent, but ah, the LeTowler!
Watch QI/British Panel shows
Play Bejeweled until I am completely numb
Not so immediately interested in numbness.
Keep playing my Mass Effect 3 playthrough
Tweet/Skype with my friends
Do my hair and makeup
Did, at least the makeup, the hair was just a ponytail that now has sprouted into an unwieldy and Tawny Kitaen in the 80’s style      mane. Had a few brief moments of thinking I didn’t look awful now that my face has lost 10% of its unnaturally reddish skin tone.
Not enough to qualify, only a giggle.

Paint my nails
Exercise for 15 minutes like I told the nurse I typically do one to two times a week

Choke down another serving-sized bowl of applesauce
Ugh, the worst.
Go to the bank and make a deposit
Go shopping for a spring, eastery dress because I’m in the mood for one.
Bought a bright, garish yellow skirt because I wanted to visually express a better mood.  I have this mental conception of an embodiment of joy and every now and then when she presents herself (she looks a bit like a cross between Jean Harlow and Grace Kelly with this nimbus of glowing blonde hair and she always wears yellow)
Order Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps
Maybe work on the novel.  Maybe.
Do a Tarot reading
Catch up on Outlander
Be present for the death of a wasp.
I would not like to go in the same way it did.  My word!

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