Un Pasteque

Cold joints.  Not sure where I came up with the genius idea to not wear socks today, either.  I think I am trying to will spring and summer into taking over the reins on this celestial, seasonal sky carriage and there appears to be a bit of pushback on the notion.
I have a few things to do today, but I am determined to have a bit more focus even while I’m not working on those items.  Listless yawning and stretching in my chair like yesterday really seemed to exacerbate the idea that I could only move at quarter-speed. I didn’t really get up early, but I did pull an idea of what to wear the night before and sort of thought about what I should bring for lunch which helped this morning.   Any extra organization I can do diffuses at least one part of my frustration and negativity in the morning.  Mindfulness at any level helps stop this grousing ineffectuality.  Also, I did put on Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off first thing on my phone and that did sort of help me kick it into gear.
I may need more than a song to keep this up, though.  Fight, fight, fight for positivity!  I have to remember where I sit in the month and if I’m hungry and if
7 hours is sort of a mighty long time to keep your eye on the ball.  But at least as of this writing, I care about the diet, I don’t have a headache.
I am attempting to cultivate scullery maid mode.  This involves eating a lot of soup (maybe we have the necessary items for egg drop soup tonight – that would be so nice if we did) and watching a lot of Downton Abbey and putting a bandana on my head and listening to things like Taylor Swift and that Geronimo song and reading UFYH.   Not only do I really need to do this for me, but come Sunday, we’re going down into the dreaded, wretched parental basement where the goal is to clean that sucker out.  We’ve got tons of old toys and things that were just thrown in boxes and stored down there when our last house sold so unexpectedly fast.  There are a few things down there that I would treasure if I remembered they existed, but there’s a bunch of things that I think it would be great to both symbolically and literally give away.  I just have so many things that just sit around me waiting for interaction that never happens, mostly because there’s too much.
So this whole family effort to clean out the basement, I hope, will be enlightening and perhaps a catalyst for more big change. I just want to own nothing or…maybe not, maybe I just want everything I own to be useful and loved, both at once.
You fall off the wagon of life…you get back on, even if that means you have to keep a steady walk behind it so you can eventually catch up with it.

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