Sing It!


Will I even know how to talk about myself now? Will I even know how to say anything personal anymore?  There’s an odd hesitation.

After having like zero sleep last night for no obvious reason, I was grumpy today.  But I’m okay with this.  Every now and then, you have to just take your sour personality for what it I bought boots.  I have clothes to sort.  Took a long walk.  I have eaten low-carb since January 1st.  I have no idea what my weight is but I think it is in some way reduced.  I feel in certain areas less blobby.  I don’t feel like there is clear progress.  But I have stuck to my guns. I’m thinking of this as a whole year-situation.  Of continual progress.  Of not hanging up on the things that hung me up before.

I did make my decision on how I want my birthday to go.  I have a list of twelve restaurants.  That way, there’s no real need to fixate on the possibility of any one particular restaurant’s menu.  We’ll pick one, go, I’ll eat what I want.  The meal is over and the deal is on until February.   Then, at some point, I get to draw.  We’ll go, have one meal, I’ll eat what I want, and then we’re low-carbing again.  I have no idea if this will work.  This is what I’m doing.

Sleep, water, low-carb, movement.  Doing and thinking about it.

+377 story words.

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