Casting Flash


I had a great photo of an angry seagull flying overhead picked out for the post, but I accidentally pushed the randomizer button again and now there’s no way to get back to it.  Aside from searching and looking through numerous angry seagull photos to find it and frankly, I’m not entirely sure I don’t have deep-seated fear of birds in general, so we will have to go with what we’ve got.  Maybe we should be glad I decided not to go with the second pick, though, which was some chipped off tree bark.

This kind of looks like the Hinterlands?  If you squint and probably have never seen the Hinterlands up close.  I have seen it from every conceivable angle.  Or I will by the end now.  I’m almost looking forward to demanding a sense of finality of myself once this run is done.   It is nice, also, to just see something that sings of springtime and free open air rather than my current house-bound reality.  So even if the picture is a bit banal, it is working for me.

I made food today.  The snowfall caused that to happen, but it was remarkable how quickly I can recall the joy of cooking when the only other option is putting my snowboots and thin, inappropriate flannel jacket and slogging my way to the car to clear it off for a fifteen minute excursion to fast food.  I know, it isn’t a big deal, but the inconvenience of it did encourage me to dig through the freezer that for whatever reason seems to make everything that comes out of it taste like brussel sprouts (which are not, currently, as far as I can tell, located within the freezer.)  Including and especially the ice.   My food did not taste like brussel sprouts, however.  I had rice and chicken sauteed with garlic and olive oil and finished in the oven and green beans.  It did not interrupt my absence from reality, really, either.  Just a little bit of bother, and it actually was moister, better chicken than I’ve had in forever.  I actually cleaned my plate and have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow – the actual weekend – when logic would dictate that I will desire to eat once again.   I didn’t even use the pots and pans we got yet.  My sister’s been working away on cleaning the pots and pans we do have and I did do one tiny part and load the dishwasher (lest you think your garland of laurels for me has gone to waste) and every little stride feels like we’re re-affirming the right direction.

It makes the ideas of 2015 feel plausible and desirable and not lame pipe dreams we have to put on the boards so no one thinks we’re not planning a personal resurrection along with the rest of the human race come January the First.  Doing it for me versus doing it because I am embarrassed not to be doing it.  Thin but important distinction.  Thin, hah!

Roll on, vacationland!

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