Desuetude Shoes

667530_91762351It is Christmas in at least one neck of the woods.  My parents have their tree up and we brought up decorations from down in the basement including an electric box that has a sensor in it so that when anyone so much as breathes within fifty yards of it, it will pop open and two dogs will bark a carol at you.  My mother, by most accounts a sensible woman, delights in this.  Though even she after three or four minutes was looking for the off switch. There’s some snowflake lights and a few other things so that the common areas have the red and green treatment.  My house will be lucky if we decide to put up our wreath.  It’s fine, I think, to be able to step into Christmas, as the barking carol goes, and then step out of it again so that you’re only there when you want to be.  You can’t take it for granted if you’re always looking forward to enjoying it.

My hair is also properly empinkened.  I went to the salon bright and early this morning and it took half as long as last time to get the desired effect. It also cost about half as much money this time, too, but it’s still a bit of an obscene luxury.  There’s always little whispered comments once people see it dried and out of the foils.  I also know it’s Avril Lavigne-esque and may be a style that is losing its luster in the general style-sphere, but I love it.  I choose it.  It’s my Rebel Fairy hair, the locks that prove my magic.  So even if people hesitate and ask if work is okay with me running around with pink hair, it doesn’t even ruffle a single feather anymore.

After all of this, I took my supplies and went into something of a baking frenzy.  Spritz cookies and chocolate chip cookies and then I was about to make another spritz batch before the younger sister intervened and decided to make another batch of spritz so that she could have more to bring home than the paltry sum I allotted her.  She made a red and green marbleized batch that ended up looking like the color of some sort of pink and green veined jello mold, but they’ll all taste fine.

Then, for the first time, I saw Frozen.  Perhaps another way I’m hugely behind the times.  I liked the movie.  I could see how little girls might lose their minds over it.   It’s got all the components for little girls to see themselves in a world of dresses, princesses, ice dancing and twu luv, but it does have a nice message about sisterly love being legit and boys being nice and all, but you can’t trust all of them.  At least that was my take away.  It was fine.  I think I’m a bit over the huge-eyed all look the same style of animation that Disney’s taken on lately.

And now…back to the Hinterlands

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