Stable as a One-Legged Table

17062_6575So you didn’t get rid of me that easily.

Though you should have because I don’t have anything new today.  I’m tangentially aware mostly by Internet osmosis that the Broncos won which I would say would keep people in a good mood tomorrow, but that hardly matters because I’m not really planning on seeing more than a handful.

Mostly, I’ve got my head in a whole other kind of game where I’m leaping around looking for shards and forgetting that this isn’t Assassin’s Creed and my character. It’s Dragon Age: Inquisition and I love it tremendously.  With the XBox controller on my PC, I am incredibly wibbly and wobbly and I have to pay attention so that I don’t run off of a parapet or something.  I am constantly throwing myself off the stairs when I don’t mean to and some times my character gets all mashed up because of it.  Which isn’t always a great thing when you can run around the corner and see a goddamned giant or a dragon or a bastard of a boss fight and suddenly, you’re dead because earlier you just ran off the stairs like your legs don’t work.  But actually my fingers don’t work.  But she doesn’t know that.  She’s just a clumsy spaz in her own reckoning, which I do like, because she needs a little humility given everything that’s going on in her little neck of Thedas.  I can relate.

I keep thinking that I shouldn’t write about gaming or how much I game (particularly Bioware, but not exclusively) because the general populace doesn’t truck with that.  I guess on some levels (levels, hah, see, ahem), I get that a piece of the puzzle is how I use my time.  But this makes me happy…

Speaking of my character.  From some angles I love her, from others, I despair for her soul.  And I no longer like her makeup, and I picked the worst possible hair, which is sort of a quasi-lady mullet and it’s only been like fifty hours of staring at her probably in much the same way as I would stare at myself if I allowed myself to be as self-absorbed as I come off here, but I think it doesn’t suit her at all the way I thought it did in the character generator.  Imagine if Miranda from Sex and the City and Brienne of Tarth had a lanky supermodel baby.  That is my character.  I made that.  On purpose.  And she has already macked on people with that face.  Also, she sometimes runs around in a really terrible outfit I would love to beable to change, but you CAN’T.  Also, I’m a human, which means certain things in the game – thus far – and already I’m figuring out my next run-through because you can already tell that changing up a few things will change up a ton of other things.

So that’s my life for the next fifty to two hundred next hours.  I did show up here, which is promising, and I am not dead, though I have questions about my current state of well-being.

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