The Tarantist


Fair warning, my dears and darlings, today is going to be a might emo.  A touch whiny.  I do have to drag the time on this one out as I’m still playing The Last Court and to avoid microtransactions, I have to busy myself while my actions reset.  One every twenty minutes is BEYOND laborious,

The funeral was nice.  Nice in that I think it was of comfort to my friend, the widow.  The church was lovely and austere as in my memories and even though the pastor was much more…observant, by the book, old-stylee with his chanting and incense than Father Wind (which sounds very hippie-like, but that was his name) of my youth. It didn’t really mention how kind he was or really any details of his life which, I guess, when I kick the bucket would be a hard thing to ask for.  Tell people how I really enjoyed internet memes?  Still,  a bunch of hymns I didn’t know, communion, and a little baby in the pew in front of me, placid and smiling and sweet as pie.  Everyone was there including my old boss and work colleagues (not my co-workers for some reason) and it was as if I had left for a thousand years the way they cooed over me.  After heading to the reception, I extricated myself before they could embroil me back into the drama that was one of the things that triggered my leaving.

Then, driving home after not eating anything of the giant spread that was laid out at the reception, I got a burrito and went to my parents for more cooing and motherly guilt about the fact I went to a store at some point and bought dried apple rings and didn’t at that time also take the opportunity to buy vegetables.  (I did not tell her I also bought gummy peach rings and chocolate covered cherries under the guise of “fruit”.)  We did talk about Thanksgiving and food and me making the phyllo cups with brie, bacon, apricot jam and fried sage like I did last year.  Apparently, our adult cousins are coming along with my aunt and maybe another cousin who we typically never see.  I thought about Starbucks and stared into the middle distance while we both watched Property Brothers and I wondered, sincerely, about the state of my future before going home into the darkness of my bedroom to play games, watch videos, nurture unhelpful crushes on YouTubing video game bloggers, and not do anything else.  I guess, except not have Starbucks because that’s excessive, but do eat apple rings, peach rings, and chocolate-covered cherries because that’s just being utilitarian having bought them.

And that has been my evening.

Winter is coming and I can do whatever I want.


Well, fate intervenes.  Our water heater’s auxiliary tank sprung a leak and after some wide-eyed panic, we’ve called the repair techs, turned off the the water and are now awaiting whatever doom will result.  So I suppose my consternation on diet, body, love, and life will have to come to fruition tomorrow.

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