Provocateur: Day Two Hundred Forty-One


I am thinking about the one thing I forgot to do at work and the thing that requires a little tiny keychain thing that gives you a number which resets every 60 seconds and you need that number plus your password to access it to get the tiny amount of money from the people’s accounts as authorized and there’s only about 4 who have done it, but I should have found a way to do it today, but in all of the excitement I totally forgot.  After driving home at nearly eight after writing group through a pretty intense rainstorm (replete with dancing shocks of lightning as you circle around the lake),  I just wasn’t up for losing the time I really desperately needed to pack to take an hour to drive back and in the middle of the night try and get this done.

Too much on my mind these days, my friends, way too much on my shoulders.

I am thinking that I will somehow get myself upright and awake tomorrow and figure out how to access all the passwords, etc, which may or may not be saved on the office computer, on my smart phone and call.  Mostly, though, I think I’m really excited to see my friends and to have this shit get started after hours of digging around collecting the last items to get everything for these costumes.  They have, having sprung from a, hey, if you go to this convention, you might want to wear this, to hey, yeah, let’s start shopping for random white boots on the internet, to hey, there’s an aquarium party, you probably need an aquarium-centric outfit, to hey, let’s be a splicer, to COVER EVERYTHING IN BLOOD AND HOW CAN WE GET WHAT LOOKS LIKE A MASSIVE METAL PIPE ABOARD AN AIRCRAFT.  It escalated fairly quickly, I think.

Nevertheless, I am just about ready to go!  I think my costumes are good to go.  I am going to have to check my bag because of the aformentioned fakey metal pipe, so I have everything I could possibly fit in there, fluid-wise, save the fake blood which I will just have to track down if possible.  Not sure how anything will work at all, not really worrying about it so long as I know I can get on the plane and get into the room and get some food in me.

See, I’ve already forgotten about this work thing.  I…am just frustrated and I feel like I’m traveling with this incubating disease.  It’s like senioritis only it’s quitchajoberitis.  An acute case.  Which is wanky because new boss needs support against this really bullshit detractors.  But I’m infected now.  I want to graduate, even if I am barely passing.  Nobody knows, though.  I can’t even bring myself to let anyone have an inkling in case something comes up and because now is so not the time, but once I have this meeting, I’m afraid I’m going to commit myself really fast to the whole idea of bugging out and then, somehow, I will have to do the actual quitting part which will be nothing in comparison to handling this potential transition.

But enough worries! Vacation time! Let’s get drunk and wear costumes in public!   I will post again on Monday.

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