Requisites: Day Two Hundred Thirty-Eight

311697_1055What I need right now is a to-do list.  Not very romantic, but necessary.

  • Get my Vatican reservation
  • Get my Mass Effect T-Shirt for Thursday, Bee for Friday/Saturday, Splicer for Saturday Night/Sunday, something else suitably nerdy and geeky for M0nday
  • Prepare, somehow, my unexpecting and unprepared liver for this weekend’s happenings
  • Start my Italy planning book, photocopy passport
  • Get a wrench or other form of pipe and paint it.  Pipe, probably, because I think it fits better with my “character”
  • Have sister finalize Bee dress
  • Finish blood spattering dress and mask, cutting it.  Make sure I have proper undergarments.
  • Find one way pass for shuttle.   (It was in my overflowing purse.)
  • Get a Boston night hotel.
  • Tap all of this insanity out of my system
  • Paint my nails (MAC Red, I think that will match just about everything)
  • Find out from my friend what is owed for apron
  • Charge my phone
  • Paint one more coat (or two) on mask of white.
  • Figure out tights and shoes for Splicer cosplay – possibly go back to Goodwill, the other one.
  • Get red socks.
  • Pack for trip.  Include alternative footwear.
  • Get some actual sleep so I don’t feel so angry about having so much to do.
  • Write something new to bring to writer’s group.
  • Calm down about the fact that a potential new employer will be calling me tomorrow.
  • Make a pro and con list about leaving my job.
  • Reschedule therapy or technically at this point, restart therapy to deal with this job situation
  • Put away garlic bread that’s sitting there on the counter.
  • Figure out what to wear tomorrow.
  • Get shoes from work.
  • Break in shoes by walking everyday.  Not feel guilty about not taking the dog if it means actually doing it.
  • Make a travel playlist
  • Stop drinking Starbucks and soda.  Or at least to such excessive levels.
  • Get some sandpaper
  • Verify all my travel details (timing for getting myself to the shuttle, the flight, when my friend’s picking me up at the AC)
  • Eat some vegetables and make a stride or two towards healthyness
  • Get conversational Italian, other travel books from the library and make time to read them.
  • Get the budget together for the trip and how travel money/money pouch/safety issues.
  • Skip trivia Tuesday night unless some miracle happens and I blow through this list and let’s just be a tiny bit honest with ourselves and recognize that with everything going on, there’s really no way in hell that I am going to get everything done and just have to prioritize.
  • Drive the uncomfortable way again.
  • Make bed with clean mattress cover and sheets.
  • Get another bag for Goodwill stuffed.
  • Don’t linger in front of the TV when some of this stuff could be done.
  • Figure out about taking additional time off to cover Saturday’s time or just ignore it and accept the overtime I could really use.
  • Make work to-do list which includes board packet
  • Download the D*C app
  • Fake blood.  Definitely need some fake blood and guidance on what I can fly with.
  • Clear couch.Brush teeth, wash face
  • Get any other travel items for my bag
  • Clean out my purse
  • Put together a final shopping list.
  • Pearl necklace, flowers for splicer

3 thoughts on “Requisites: Day Two Hundred Thirty-Eight”

  1. 1. I hope you will show us a picture of the Bee dress. It doesn’t have to be ON, but it sounds fun!

    2. Leaving my last/worst job was the best thing I ever did. It was on my terms, I was highly overworked and under-appreciated and any chance for advancing would have taken literally decades to achieve. I left during a crucial time, one where I was managing an entire building move. Boss crossed a line and I wasn’t willing to be everyone’s go-to/punching bag, anymore. I still smile about it a few years later. My life finally started moving in (what I consider) the right and positive direction.

    I doubt that helps, but maybe. :)

  2. Sorry it took so long to reply!

    I really appreciate this – I’ll have more to say about it tonight and tomorrow, but any insight and forward momentum is very helpful.

    Also, maybe on the picture. Maybe.


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