The Dream Cut: Day Two Hundred Thirty-Two

844724_52600246It will be much easier to have written this post than it will be to sit here and write it.

Today was fine and I know that I can hurry myself along and come up rather easily with the words, as there’s plenty to talk about.

I got myself home early by a few hours, I was hoping to get myself back here earlier, but work seems to Incredible Hulk whenever I try and get myself thinking about personal life or time.


Sometime between last night and today, I ordered  a splicer mask – or a plastic mask to make a splicer bunny mask out of once I take off the gewgaws and the mess of fake furn on it and I also got myself signed up with a Meetup group to go see a movie.  And the sister agreed to go with.

So we went to see Godzilla, the Rifftrax version with a bunch of strangers and I don’t know – it should have been more awkward than it was.  We got to the restaurant and had, I think, a conversation with some human give or take to it and more and more fellow geeks showed up.  Some of them boys that were not bad looking.  I mean, I don’t know if any of them have a private daily blog where they parse through their opinions of the day, obviously.  So I don’t know if any of them would say there were alright looking girls there.  And it was nice, I thought, to be able to be there and have that not really matter.  I mean, I wanted to see the movie (though, I thought that before I saw it and Jaysus, that’s a shit movie – funny, because of the Rifftrax, but really too terrible to handle otherwise) and so whether or not geeky boys thought I was spongeworthy or whatever the standard of female excellence is these days…wasn’t really a matter on the table.

So much so that when the quite geeky, funny, and alright looking chap who sat next to me in the movie offered me some chocolate, I said no.  This is because I was full, but I also didn’t realize that I should have taken the chocolate, or rather, that I might want to if it meant that I was being friendly and open or whatever.  But I forget I have to be open and warm so I graciously declined.

I guess I could berate myself about not paying attention to geeky clues, or perhaps, this was just a friendly and polite offer and he was quite relieved that I was not filching any of his precious chocolate (a thought that would certainly pass through my head, though I am the living embodiment of a month of Cathy comic strips), but just being there, amongst geeky people was very salutary.   They offered opinions and listened and asked questions back and seemed, all in all, as human about the social awkwardness we all share as could be possible.

I would go and do something with them again.

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